5 Must-See Attractions in Phuket

Phuket is the largest Thailand Island and considered as one of the most interesting ones. This super fun island has it all: magnificent beaches, world-class shopping venues, and plenty of entertainment options. It is a bit overwhelming which attractions to visit first, especially if you are there for a limited time and need to prioritize. To make things easier for you, we’ve made a list of the top five must-see attractions in Phuket. Continue reading “5 Must-See Attractions in Phuket” »

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Kuala Lumpur houses for sale

Buying a house in Kuala Lumpur – 5 simple tips to consider

Are you planning to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur? Is it your first property investment? As a first timer, it can be quite an ordeal. It necessitates strategic and accurate planning before making a huge decision. For millennials, the extravagance of getting hold of own home and work out cash is an outlandish dream. Hence, paying back loans for an extended period is the absolute choice left to buyers. Continue reading “Buying a house in Kuala Lumpur – 5 simple tips to consider” »

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Bali seaview property for sale

Bali property market: Best places to buy a sea view property

Bali is very close to the sea, so this is one of the best places in the world where you can acquire a sea view property. And while prices will differ, the return on investment can be huge and that’s certainly one of the most important aspects that you want to keep in mind right now. Continue reading “Bali property market: Best places to buy a sea view property” »

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Sharjah homes for sale

The Five Best Areas to Buy a Home in Sharjah

UAE is growing – economically, culturally, and in any other way you can think off. From the looks of things, there are no signs of stopping or slowing down the pace. Therefore, buying a home in Sharjah, one of the hottest real estate spots in the UAE, is a rock-solid decision whether you intend to live there or as an investment. There are plenty of homes for sale in Sharjah, spread all over the city. Here we will list some of the most prominent neighborhoods in Sharjah, and why buying a house, there is a great call. Continue reading “The Five Best Areas to Buy a Home in Sharjah” »

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