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Prices of Properties for Sale in Cavite: An Overview

During 2017, the residential property prices at the National Capital Region (NCR) increase by 8.8%. Last year, both the demand and the prices nationwide reached record-breaking demand and supply. Of course, along with this were record-breaking prices.

Cavite, dubbed as the “Historical Capital of the Philippines,” is one of the premier industrial and fastest growing provinces of the country. The province should have felt the full brunt of these prices since Cavite is primarily an agricultural province. The province is in the middle of wide urbanization and modernization projects. Despite this fact, however, a lot of its inhabitants still engage in agribusiness. One would wonder what the prices of properties for sale in Cavite now and where is it headed.

According to, on average, it costs you around P24, 000 per square meter to buy an apartment in Cavite. It will also cost you around P4000 per month to rent a one-bedroom apartment and around P16, 000 to rent a 3-bedroom one. Famous real estate companies all predict that 2019 is going to be a very positive year for the Philippine property market outlook.

Cavite property

This means that the value of properties will increase along with its demand. Supply of condominiums and office space are also predicted to increase within the next two years. According to Leechiu Property Consultants (LPC), the Philippine property market outlook will reach the double digits. Metro Manila is at the forefront of this growth. Cavite, in particular, will be a centerpiece in the development of the country.

There are a lot of famous tourist attractions here like the Aguinaldo Shrine, Corregidor, and its ancient churches. These destinations drive both the tourists and the demand for properties to increase. For investors, this makes a very good opportunity to invest in the real estate business. Areas near these tourist hotspots gain an especially higher demand for condos and real estate.

You should highly expect an increase in property prices in Cavite. That’s why investing early will earn you more profits in the long run. It is high time to invest in this fast-growing province. There are a lot of other investors willing to pounce at this opportunity. Take advantage of the fact that you can be one of the pioneers of investing in Cavite while it is in the middle of a huge economic boom.

cavite property for sale

Whether you’re a foreigner or a Cavite local, you should consider taking advantage of the properties for sale in Cavite. The real estate industry is currently surging, and it is expected to for years. When you plan to buy properties in Cavite, you’re sure to profit from it. The province is a gold vein, waiting for you to mine it. Properties here greatly appeal towards tourists, businesspeople, and office workers as Cavite is an industrial. Whether you decide to keep the property or sell it at a later date for a fast profit, you’re not at any loss. Invest now and reap your great rewards later!