Sharjah homes for sale

The Five Best Areas to Buy a Home in Sharjah

UAE is growing – economically, culturally, and in any other way you can think off. From the looks of things, there are no signs of stopping or slowing down the pace. Therefore, buying a home in Sharjah, one of the hottest real estate spots in the UAE, is a rock-solid decision whether you intend to live there or as an investment. There are plenty of homes for sale in Sharjah, spread all over the city. Here we will list some of the most prominent neighborhoods in Sharjah, and why buying a house, there is a great call.


#1 AL Qasimia

This residential area is located between the Mega Mall and King Faisal Mosque, two of the most iconic spots in Sharjah. There are a few schools in its proximity as well as parks and other recreational facilities which makes it the perfect spot for families with children. Then there are various shops, restaurants, coffee shops, cinemas, and other amenities. That way there is something for anyone that enjoys urban living.


#2 Al Majaz

There are plenty of apartment buildings and houses for sale in the Al Majaz area. The Khalid Lake with its serene waters makes Al Majaz’s waterfront a delightful experience. The neighborhood is split into three districts: Majaz 1, Majaz 2, and Majaz 3. The demand for homes and apartments in all districts is pretty high. The result of that is many new facilities.

#3 Muwaileh

Muwaileh was and still is one of the best residential districts for families in the entire Sharjah. It is just ten minutes away from almost all nurseries and educational facilities in Sharjah, and that’s why families with children love it so much. On top of this, Muwaileh is one of the most budget-friendly neighborhoods. It is the home of the largest Nesto Hypermarket, as well as many smaller supermarkets, shops, cafeterias, and restaurants.

#4 Al Nahda Sharjah

Al Nahda Sharjah features some of the best residential buildings and houses in the city. This area is very popular with expat families. It is a vibrant community flooded with great cafes, restaurants, small but well-supplied supermarket, and a park located in the heart of the neighborhood. This diverse community is well-connected with every part of the city, yet it feels like a quiet suburb.

All in all, it doesn’t matter if you are a local or a foreigner; this is a place you can easily call home.

Sharjah homes for sale

#5 Al Khan

If you are searching for an affordable waterfront home in Sharjah, then search no more. Al Khan has it all – a fantastic waterfront and all types of houses. The fact that it is the home of Al Qasba, one of the most prominent leisure destinations in Sharjah speaks volumes about the area. And yes, the fantastic waterfront is supported by all sorts of shops, authentic restaurants, cafeterias, playgrounds, parks, and many other facilities that make the area in high demand. Besides, there are offerings for houses and villas that are either planned to be built or are in the process of building.